Trusted Valves Supplier In Malaysia

Saliran Group has over 10 years of expertise in the trading and supply of high-quality valves, with numerous happy customers all around the world. We supply a variety of valve types such as Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Global Valve, Check Valve, Needle Valve, Butterfly Valve, and Safety Relief Valve.

A valve is a mechanism that functions as controlling the flow of a system or a process. These valves are an important part of a piping system that directs and regulates fluids such as vapours, gases, liquid, slurries, etc) Each type of valve has different features and particular specifications to accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications. Some valves are capable of self-operated while others function manually with the presence of a pneumatic, actuator, or hydraulic.


Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Global Valve, Check Valve, Needle Valve, Butterfly Valve, Safety Relief Valve

Size Range

1/2" (15mm) - 48" (1200mm)





Flanged End RF/FF/RTJ, Threaded NPT/BSPT, Socket Weld, Wafer Type, Butt Weld.

Pressure class

JIS10K, PN16~PN40, ANSI150# ~ 2500#, 10K PSI.


Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Forged Steel.


Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Alloy Steel, Bronze, Brass.

Trusted Valve Supplier in Malaysia

Saliran Group specialises in the distribution of a broad range of valves. We are most dependable valve supplier in Malaysia. We have stock a variety of valves as a valve supplier in Malaysia. Get a pricing on your valves as soon as possible.

What are Valves?

Different purposes (on/off, monitoring), various fluids (fluid, gas, etc.; flammable, hazardous, corrosive, etc.), varying densities, and various pressure and temperature circumstances can all be accommodated by a wide range of valves and valve layouts. In applications involving the processing of fluids or gases, valves are used to start or stop flow, regulate or throttle flow, prevent backflow, as well as to release pressure and control pressure.

Ball Valve Supplier in Malaysia

Saliran Group is a ball valve supplier in Malaysia. As a ball valve supplier, we do supply a large selection of ball valve. A ball valve is a rotary motion valve with a quarter-turn that controls the flow of air by rotating a disc with a ball form. The majority of ball valves are quick-acting, which means that in order to open the valve, the handle must be turned 90 degrees. Compared to a gate valve of the same size and rating, the ball valve is smaller and lighter.

Gate Valve Supplier in Malaysia

Saliran Group is also a trusted gate valve supplier in Malaysia. As one of Malaysia’s gate valve suppliers, we provide dependable and high-quality valve. The most typical type of valve in every process plant is the gate valve. It is a linear motion valve for controlling the flow of fluid. These valves are either fully open or totally closed while they are in use. Almost all fluid services, including air, fuel gas, feed water, steam, lubricating oil, hydrocarbon, and most other services, employ gate valves. Gate valve offers effective shutoff.