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At Saliran Group, our people are the heart of our success. With more than 120 manpower, we foster a diverse and inclusive environment where every team member’s unique skills and perspectives are valued. Our employees are our strong backbone, and our dedicated professionals bring experience and passion, driving innovation to excellence. We cultivate a culture of collaboration, continuous learning, and mutual respect, ensuring everyone can thrive and contribute to our goals. Our people are our greatest asset, and their growth and well-being are central to our mission.

Organization Chart

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Saliran Group¬†management oversees the organization’s strategic direction and operational excellence with a dedicated and experienced team. Committed to driving growth and innovation, we leverage our extensive industry knowledge and leadership skills to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Through effective decision-making and collaboration, they foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement across all departments. With a focus on customer satisfaction and market responsiveness, we ensures that Saliran Group remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering exceptional products and services to its clientele.

Sales Department

Our sales department focuses on expanding the customer base through prospecting, product demonstrations, and contract negotiations with local and foreign countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and more. Their proactive approach and collaboration with other departments ensure efficient order fulfillment and customer satisfaction, driving the company’s sales growth and market presence.

Procurement Department

Our procurement department plays a critical role in sourcing, managing inventory, and overseeing procurement activities across various sub-sectors. Tasked with ensuring the timely acquisition of quality materials and supplies, they work diligently to optimize cost efficiency and maintain adequate stock levels. Within this department, the sourcing team scouts for reliable suppliers and negotiates favorable terms, while the inventory sector monitors stock levels and coordinates replenishment efforts. Meanwhile, the procurement sector is responsible for executing purchasing agreements and managing supplier relationships. Through strategic sourcing strategies and meticulous inventory management, our procurement department ensures seamless operations and supports the company’s commitment to excellence in product quality and service delivery.

Operation Department

Our operations department is responsible for overseeing the seamless execution of the company’s manufacturing processes and ensuring high standards of quality and efficiency. Within this department, several sub-sectors play crucial roles. The logistics and warehouse sector manages the storage, transportation, and distribution of materials and finished products, optimizing supply chain operations. The Quality Control sector is tasked with inspecting and testing products to ensure they meet predefined standards and specifications, maintaining product integrity and customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, the quality assurance sector focuses on implementing quality management systems, monitoring processes, and driving continuous improvement initiatives to enhance overall product quality and reliability.¬†

Finance / Account Department

Our Finance and Accounts Department is a 10-person role that oversees all financial activities, ensuring accuracy in budgeting, reporting, and compliance. They provide insights for strategic decision-making, manage cash flow, and mitigate financial risks, ensuring the company’s fiscal health and alignment with its long-term goals.

Digital Marketing Department

Our digital marketing department focuses on enhancing the company’s online presence and brand visibility. Through strategic use of digital channels like social media and email, they engage target audiences, optimize campaigns, and drive customer acquisition and retention. By staying updated on industry trends and leveraging innovative technologies, the team ensures Saliran’s competitiveness in the digital landscape.

Human Resources & Admin Department

Our Human Resources and Administration Department manages employee welfare, recruitment, training, payroll, and compliance. They foster a positive work environment, ensuring ethical and legal standards across the organization, thus contributing significantly to the company’s success.

Production Department

Our production department is at the forefront of delivering high-quality products efficiently and effectively. Tasked with overseeing the manufacturing process, they ensure that production schedules are met while maintaining stringent quality standards. The department employs cutting-edge technology and best practices to optimize workflow and minimize waste, maximizing productivity and cost-effectiveness. With a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, the production department adapts to evolving market demands and customer needs. 

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.)

The C.E.O. of Saliran Industrial Supplies is responsible for steering our organization towards its strategic goals and ensuring sustainable growth. Our C.E.O. involves setting the overall vision and direction, making high-level decisions about policy and strategy, and overseeing the organization’s operations to ensure efficiency and profitability. Our C.E.O. also fosters a strong organizational culture, promotes innovation, and builds relationships with clients and partners. By leading the executive team and aligning their efforts with the organization’s objectives.

Chief Operation Officer (C.O.O.)

The C.O.O. of Saliran Industrial Supplies, plays a crucial role in managing the company’s day-to-day operations and ensuring seamless execution of its strategic plans. Our C.O.O. involves overseeing various departments, including procurement, logistics, quality control, and others, to ensure operational efficiency and high standards of performance. Our C.O.O. is responsible for implementing effective processes and systems, optimizing resource allocation, and driving continuous improvement across all operational areas. Through hands-on leadership and strategic oversight, Our C.O.O. ensures that Saliran Industrial Supplies delivers outstanding products and services to our customers.

Business Development Department (2 staffs)

Our Business Development Department spearheads growth efforts by identifying opportunities, forming partnerships, and adapting offerings to meet market demands. Through market research and collaboration, they drive innovation and revenue growth, ensuring the company’s competitiveness and sustainability.

Business Admin Department (5 staffs)

As the backbone of the organization, our Business Administration Department oversees crucial administrative functions, including documentation management, scheduling, and logistics coordination. They ensure smooth workflow, compliance with regulations, and a productive work environment, contributing to the company’s efficiency and organizational excellence.