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What is a Blind Flange?


A blind flange is also known as a solid flange. Blind flange is primarily designed to cap off a line. It is also designed to cover a pipe or nozzle on a vessel that is not being utilised. In addition, a nozzle is normally a pipe that exits a container which is flanged. By that, it can be attached to valves or pipework. A nozzle is frequently blocked off from a blind flange for load tests in a plant or just because the customer doesn’t use all the nozzles that were provided on the tank.

Other blind flanges are made of simple materials, need little machining in comparison to other flanges. Furthermore, blind flanges are weight more than most alternatives since they lack a bore. Other than that, we also offer custom machined parts to match up to slip-on and weld neck flanges. NPT threads in the middle and custom bore holes are common modifications. Blinds can also be provided with high hubs (most API 6BX blinds have high hubs as a requirement).


Where are Blind Flanges Most Commonly Used?             


In general, the blind flange can have a raised face, a ring joint face, or a flat face. If it has a raised face, we would propose a standard ring gasket suitable for the servicing and/or test. The most common reason a flange may be flat faced is because it was not built to withstand the bending pressures that would come from using a ring gasket or raised face flange.

Also, the blind flange is being used to blank off the end of piping, valves, and pressure vessel openings, similar to a plug or cap. It can be made of cast iron, forgings, specific plates, or flat bars. Unlike a welded cap, the blind flange allows easy access to the inner of a vessel or pipe because it is bolted. Besides that, they are the most stressed of all standard flange types in addition to the internal pressure as well as bolt loading, especially in large sizes.

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