Type: Heavy Barrel Nozzle, Cylinder Nozzle, Clamp Ring, Studding Outlet, Tube Sheet, Forged Neck, Swivel Flange.
Size: According to drawing, up to 3m diameter.
Carbon Steel: ASME/ASTM A105N
High Yield Carbon Steel: ASTM A694 F42/46/52/60/65/70
ASTM A707 L1 ~ L8
Low Temp Carbon Steel: ASME/ASTM A350 LF1/2/3/6
Chrome Moly: ASME/ASTM A182F2, F5, F9, F91, F11, F12, F22
Stainless Steel: ASME/ASTM A182F304/304L, 316/316L, 317/317L, 321, 321H
Duplex/ Super Duplex: UNS S31803/S32750, ASME/ASTM A182 F51/53
Nickel Alloy: ASME/ASTM SB564, ASME/ASTM SB160
UNS2200 (Alloy 200), UNS2201 (Alloy 201)
UNS4400 (Alloy 400), UNS6600 (Alloy 600)
UNS6601 (Alloy 601), UNS6625 (Alloy 625)
UNS8825 (Alloy 825), UNS1025 (Alloy C276)

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