Saliran Group in PIPOC 2023

The Palm Oil International Congress and Exhibition, known as PIPOC, is a significant event in the palm oil industry’s calendar. This global gathering serves as a platform for experts, stakeholders, and enthusiasts to converge, exchange ideas, and explore advancements within the palm oil sector. The 2023 edition of PIPOC was particularly noteworthy, featuring groundbreaking discussions, technological showcases, and insightful presentations. Among the attendees, Saliran Group, an emerging expert in sustainable agriculture, made a remarkable impact with their contributions and engagement.

Saliran Group’s attendance at PIPOC 2023 was a testament to their dedication to sustainable practices in the palm oil industry. Saliran Group’s commitment to addressing environmental concerns while maximizing productivity resonated deeply with the conference’s overarching theme of “Innovating Sustainability.” From the onset, Saliran Group actively participated in various panels, workshops, and networking sessions, showcasing their expertise and passion for implementing eco-friendly methods in palm oil cultivation.

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